Pumped-hydro storage project takes shape in New Zealand – pv magazine International

Lake Onslow, New Zealand, could become home to one of the world’s largest pumped-hydro storage facilities. A local consortium is now conducting a feasibility study and is investigating possible system designs and precise locations. June 14, 2022 Emiliano Bellini Rōpū Matatau, a consortium led by engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald New Zealand, plans to build a … Read more

Brevard College alumnus has career as hydrogeologist in New Zealand | Community

Brevard College Alumnus Nick Jowsey grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and came to Brevard to join the BC Tornados cycling team. He graduated in 2015. During his senior year, he landed a professional cycling contract and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in natural science and interdisciplinary studies, geology / earth … Read more

Wairoa: hundreds of landslides triggered by heavy rainfall in New Zealand – The Landslide Blog

Wairoa: Hundreds of landslides triggered by heavy rainfall in New Zealand The last few weeks have seen high levels of rainfall in the Wairoa area of ​​New Zealand. Most notably, in late march a series of major rain events triggered multiple landslides in this important agricultural area within Hawke’s Bay. RNZ has an excellent report … Read more

18,000 Years Ago, The ‘Zealandia Switch’ Decimated Earth’s Glaciers. Has It Returned?

Earlier this month, we wrapped up the latest annual end-of-summer snowline survey over New Zealand’s South Island (Te Waipounamu), providing a birdseye view of how glaciers fared during the past year. This collection of aerial photos adds to a near half-century perspective of irrefutable and dramatic climate change impacts on New Zealand’s frozen landscapes. To … Read more

A new method of extracting ancient DNA from tiny bones reveals the hidden evolutionary history of New Zealand geckos

Aoteaora New Zealand has experienced a dynamic geological and climatic history. There was the separation from the southern super-continent Gondwana, the near drowning during the Oligocene some 27-22 million years ago, and the dramatic changes wrought by ice ages during the Pleistocene which started 2.6 million years ago. In concert with these landscape-scale changes, the … Read more

A Key Detail in Some People’s Childhoods May Lead to Vaccine Resistance, Study Finds

Most people welcomed the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19, yet a non-trivial minority did not. Vaccine-resistant people tend to hold strong views and assertively reject conventional medical or public health recommendations. This is puzzling to many, and the issue has become a flashpoint in several countries. It has resulted in strained relationships, even within … Read more

Two new large landslides in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – The Landslide Blog

Two new large landslides in the Southern Alps of New Zealand In recent weeks the Southern Alps of New Zealand have suffered substantial rainfall events, including 1,177 mm of precipitation in three days at Tuke Hut in Westland. Consequently two large landslides have occurred. Loyal reader and friend Simon Cox at GNS Science has kindly … Read more

Antarctica’s Hidden Under-Ice Rivers Could Play a Significant Role in Sea-Level Rise

Underneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets there’s a network of rivers and lakes. This is possible because of the insulating blanket of ice above, the flow of heat from within the Earth, and the small amount of heat generated as the ice deforms. Water lubricates the base of the ice sheets, allowing the ice to slide … Read more