Students dip their toes into coastal science at Younger Lagoon

It’s a glorious spring day at Younger Lagoon Reserve, and Laura Chain is suited up and ready to go. Clad in black waders — voluminous rubber pants with boots attached, held up by suspenders — she steps gingerly into the yellow-green water. “It’s a little weird getting in because I don’t know where I’m putting … Read more

More younger adults hospitalized for stroke, study finds

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Scientists from the University of Kentucky found that stroke hospitalizations for younger adults – along with the cardiovascular risk factors associated with them – have risen since 2007. But the chances of people under age 45 dying from a stroke in the hospital have dropped. The research was presented at the … Read more

Hydroclimate response of spring ecosystems to a two-stage Younger Dryas event in western North America

Rahmstorf, S. Ocean circulation and climate during the past 120,000 years. Nature 419207–214 (2002). CASE Article ADS Google Scholar Delworth, TL et al. The potential for abrupt change in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. In Abrupt Climate Change: A Report by the US Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research (ed. … Read more

Skin cells made 30 years younger with new ‘rejuvenation’ technique

Researchers in the UK have developed a way to reverse the aging process in skin cells, turning back the biological clock by about 30 years. De-aging cells has become increasingly common in the last decade, with multiple reprogramming researchers mouse, rat and human cell types. But never before have cells been de-aged by so many … Read more

Scientists Rewind The Clock of Human Skin Cells to Make Them Act 30 Years Younger

It’s not quite the mythical fountain of youth but it is, perhaps, a start: Scientists have managed to engineer human skin cells to reverse 30 years of aging, resetting them to a much more youthful state in terms of certain molecular measurements. While it’s very early days for research – so we shouldn’t get carried … Read more

Reducing Our Biological Age. Don’t Act Your Age, Act Younger.. | by Dean Gee | Mar, 2022

How do we reduce our biological age? Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash As we age, our body breaks down. This is just a fact. We hate to face that fact, but each day our elderly relatives remind us about aging. A popular saying I heard growing up was this. ‘There is no cure for … Read more

Deadly stroke is increasing among younger and middle-aged adults, shows study

Credit: Public Domain CC0. In a new study from Houston Methodist Hospital, researchers found that the deadly type of stroke that causes bleeding in the brain has been increasing in the United States. This type of stroke (ICH) is growing at an even faster rate among younger to middle-aged adults than older people. ICH strokes … Read more

Rare Breed of Ancient Trees With Incredible Lifespans Help Keep Their Forests Alive

The venerable elders of a forest are hugely important to the diversity, fitness, and survival of the woodland as a whole, new research shows – and they bring with them a hardiness and experience in dealing with change, as well as a lifetime of ecological interactions preserved in their immediate surrounds .. Scientists used models … Read more