Preliminary report on the landslide early warning on August 20, 2021, in Nangqian County, Qinghai Province, China

Nangqian is located on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau and stretches over a vast area from the southern Kunlun Mountains to the northern Tanggula Mountains. The county is the southern gate of Qinghai Province and is also a major pastoral region. Within the region, the terrain has high altitudes, deep gaping valleys and continuous tall mountains. … Read more

Early warning system to detect geological disasters installed in Titi Hayun: JMG

YAN: An early warning system (EWS) to detect geological disasters, especially debris flow, has been installed at the Titi Hayun Recreational Forest here to provide advance warning in the event of a water surge phenomenon in the area. Minerals and Geoscience Department Malaysia (JMG) director-general Hisamuddin Termidi said the system has been operational since February … Read more

Tsunami warning issued after 6.1-magnitude earthquake strikes off East Timor

The US Geological Survey said the quake hit at a depth of 51 kilometers (32 miles) off the eastern tip of Timor island, which is split between East Timor and Indonesia Representational image. News18 Dili, East Timor: A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of East Timor on Friday, the US Geological Survey said, with … Read more

Scientists find early warning signs who needs critical care for COVID-19

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Scientists from the University of Vienna have developed and validated an algorithm that can help healthcare professionals identify who is most at risk of dying from COVID-19 when admitted to a hospital. The tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), could help doctors give critical care resources to those who need them … Read more

5 Warning Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Magnesium

Many popular foods contain magnesium, including almonds, avocado, bananas, cashews, dark chocolate, and peanuts. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in muscle relaxation, blood pressure regulation, and nerve function. Magnesium is also involved in the production of energy from food. That’s why some people call it the “energy mineral.” Despite its importance, … Read more

Warning About Brain-Boosting Supplements After Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker Discovery

Elevated levels of an enzyme called PHGDH in the blood of older adults could be an early warning sign of[{” attribute=””>Alzheimer’s disease, and a study led by the University of California San Diego (UCSD) provides new evidence to support this claim. In analyzing brain tissue, researchers observed a trend consistent with their previous findings in … Read more

Warning signs of PTSD you need to know

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Responses to trauma can be immediate or delayed, brief or prolonged. Most people have intense responses immediately following, and often for several weeks or months after a traumatic event. These responses can include: Feeling anxious, sad, or angry Trouble concentrating and sleeping Continually thinking about what happened For most people, these … Read more

“Democracy is in grave danger”; UIC political science professor Dick Simpson has warning about state of politics in America

CHICAGO (CBS) – From the Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol to the state of politics in America, University of Illinois at Chicago political science professor and former Chicago alderman Dick Simpson is tackling it all in his new book, Democracy’s Rebirth: The View from Chicago. Simpson told CBS 2’s Jim Williams what he … Read more

German chancellor issues warning to Putin on chemical or biological weapons: “Don’t do it”

It’s been a month since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, and despite making some rapid early gains, their advancement on some key cities, including the capital of Kyiv, has slowed. While there’s a growing picture that Russia’s assault on Ukraine has not gone to plan, the country continues to use its air power to obliterate cities … Read more

UN Plans Global Warning System to Protect Against Worsening Weather Disasters

The United Nations said Wednesday it wanted the whole world covered by weather disaster early warning systems within five years to protect people from the worsening impacts of climate change. A third of the world’s people, mainly in the least-developed countries and developing small island states, are without early warning coverage, the UN said, with … Read more