Students dip their toes into coastal science at Younger Lagoon

It’s a glorious spring day at Younger Lagoon Reserve, and Laura Chain is suited up and ready to go. Clad in black waders — voluminous rubber pants with boots attached, held up by suspenders — she steps gingerly into the yellow-green water. “It’s a little weird getting in because I don’t know where I’m putting … Read more

Shallow torpor keeps hummingbirds on their toes when conserving energy | Journal of Experimental Biology

Keeping warm is expensive, especially compared to one of the fastest growing lifestyles in the world. During the day, hummingbirds zip about feeding on sugar-rich nectar to fuel their high octane existence, but at night, aeronautical acrobats must conserve energy, slipping into a miniature form of hibernation, known as torpor; many lower their body temperature … Read more