Fix your houseplants’ drainage problems with these tips

Growing plants can seem intimidating, but we believe anyone can create a thriving home conservatory of any size. We’re here to help nurture your skills and help make that happen, so please feel free to send any plant-related questions of your own to with “Plants”In the subject line. The surface of the Earth contains … Read more

Want to see the Super Flower Blood Moon? Here’s one scientist’s tips for the total lunar eclipse.

A lunar scientist shared the science behind why the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse turns red, and what to expect for the epic sky event. On Sunday (May 15), the moon will pass into the deep threshold shadow of the Earth in a band of visibility across the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the … Read more

Tips for using Windows 11 on a tablet

Windows 11 isn’t the first operating system Microsoft has tried to get working on tablet devices, but it’s probably the best attempt yet. The software is quite comfortable on touchscreens and tablets that lack a keyboard and mouse. If you have a Windows 11 tablet or a laptop that can transform into one (a 2-in-1), … Read more

How to EGU22: top 10 tips for participants to get the most out of EGU22!

EGU’s General Assembly continues to adapt and evolve to make our annual conference accessible to all. This year, EGU22 will for the very first time be a hybrid conference, which means new ways of learning and networking for us all! Many Networking and Session conveners will be learning right along with you, and our conference … Read more