Pumped-hydro storage project takes shape in New Zealand – pv magazine International

Lake Onslow, New Zealand, could become home to one of the world’s largest pumped-hydro storage facilities. A local consortium is now conducting a feasibility study and is investigating possible system designs and precise locations. June 14, 2022 Emiliano Bellini Rōpū Matatau, a consortium led by engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald New Zealand, plans to build a … Read more

NASA’s Robotic Mission to Explore Enigmatic Lunar Domes Takes Shape

The Gruithuisen Domes. Image: NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University NASA’s Artemis program seeks to return humans to the Moon later this decade, but a pair of related side projects promises to deliver some fascinating new science that could expand our understanding of lunar geology and human biology. At the northeast border of the … Read more

This ‘Crab’ Is The Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Ever Built

Is your tiny robot really all that small if it’s bigger than the width of a coin? A team of scientists has built what is now the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot, coming in at a mere half a millimeter (less than a fiftieth of an inch) wide. Exceedingly tiny robots have a whole host of … Read more

Young scientists should help shape STEM education policies (opinion)

Through my own career transition from academic research into science policy, I have realized the importance of universities supporting the next generation of scientists. Over the years, I have written several articles on the needs of early-career scientists during training, professional development and career progression both within and outside academics. In this essay, I want … Read more

Spooky Discovery on Mars Looks Just Like an Alien Doorway

One of the most recent snaps beamed back from the Curiosity rover on Mars has revealed a rather interesting feature in the rocks: what looks to be a perfectly carved out doorway nestling in the Martian landscape. The doorway doppelgänger is so eerily convincing we’re almost tempted to start believing that it leads to a … Read more

New Eye Drops Improve Aging Vision Without Glasses. Here’s How They Work

When people get into their 40s and beyond, their close-up vision starts to worsen. For many people, cranking up the font size on a phone or maxing out the brightness on a computer is the only way to be able to read some text. This condition is known as presbyopia, and it affects around 128 … Read more

Mecanoo’s geology-inspired Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi takes shape on Saadiyat Island

Mecanoo, the Dutch firm that recently dazzled New Yorkers with its $ 200 million transformation of the Mid-Manhattan Library (alongside Beyer Blinder Belle), is now set to wow museum-goers in Abu Dhabi with its design for the emirate’s forthcoming Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi. Although the 377,000-square-foot new destination was just formally unveiled by the … Read more

4D constructs have the potential to mimic how tissues change shape in the body — ScienceDaily

Where standard 3D printing uses a digital blueprint to manufacture an object out of materials like plastic or resin, 3D bioprinting manufactures biological parts and tissues out of living cells, or bioinks. A fourth dimension – shape transformation over time – can be achieved by incorporating materials that enable printed constructs to morph multiple times … Read more