Ancient City Emerges From the Tigris River

The archaeological site of Kemune in the dried-up area of ​​the Mosul reservoir. Credit: Universities of Freiburg and Tübingen, KAO Drought Reveals 3400-Year-Old Urban Center of the Mitanni Empire The Kingdom of Mitanni, also known as Hurri to the Hittites, Hanigalbat or Hani-Rabbat to the Assyrians, and Maryannu, Nahrin or Mitanni to Egyptians, was a … Read more

Researchers Think They’ve Figured Out What Causes an Odd Behavior of Rivers

Throughout history, important cities around the world have flourished along river banks. But rivers can also be destructive forces. They routinely flood, and on rare occasions, they can abruptly shift pathways. These “channel-jumping” events, which are called avulsions, have caused some of the deadliest floods in human history. Avulsions on China’s Yellow River killed over … Read more

Retired geologist discovers travelling ‘adventure rock’ in Port Alberni – Campbell River Mirror

Asger Bentzen and his friend Liz Huff were walking on the grounds at Tsawaayuus Rainbow Gardens on April 26, 2022 when Asger spotted this special ‘adventure’ rock along the path. The rock originated in Port Angeles, Wash. (SUSAN QUINN / Alberni Valley News) Pauline Gepner of Port Angeles, Wash., Painted this rock and sent it … Read more

Exploring Earth From Space: Rhine River, Germany [Video]

The Rhine River, the longest river in Germany, is featured in this colorful image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Each color in this image represents the average Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) value of an entire season between 2018 and 2021. Shades of red depict peak vegetation growth in April and May, green shows … Read more

Yes, Those Are Dolphins With an Anaconda. There’s a Perfectly Good Explanation

The natural world around us is endlessly inspiring, and fascinating, and often very odd too: like when researchers snapped a photo of Bolivian river dolphins swimming around with a Beni anaconda snake in their mouths, for example. These river dolphins are relatively rarely seen creatures, as it’s unusual for them to have their heads above … Read more

Scientists Find Gaps In Global River And Stream Monitoring

A stream gauge on the Woodforde River, a non-perennial stream in the Ti Tree Basin north of Alice Springs in Australia. Margaret Shanafield / Flinders University A new study has identified gaps in data on streams around the world, highlighting potential priorities for future installation of monitoring tools. The analysis focused on stream gauges included … Read more

UW, Green River Educators Collaborate to Transform Science Instruction | News

April 29, 2022 Science teachers from Green River and Expedition Academy high schools – Shawna Mattson and Lee Harper, front, and Dan Parson and a student teacher, back – collaborate at the beginning of a model lesson during a professional development workshop facilitated by UW’s Science and Math Teaching Center. (Ana Houseal Photo) A multiyear … Read more

Charles Naplin, 81 | Thief River Falls Times & Northern Watch – Official Page

Thief River Falls – Charles Naplin, of Thief River Falls, passed away on Saturday, April 23, 2022 surrounded by his loving family at Hillcrest Senior Living. Charles Eric Naplin was born November 28, 1940 in Crookston, son of Edgar and Margaret (Strandell) Naplin. He was baptized in Crookston at Trinity Lutheran Church and confirmed … Read more

“unless extraordinary circumstances arise” – tweaking Colorado River Basin rules – jfleck at inkstain

Watching the back-and-forth among the U.S. Department of the Interior and the seven Colorado River Basin States over Glen Canyon Dam operations over the last few months, I’d been thinking that we’ve dropped into an area where the rules developed in 2007 , and tweaked in the years since, no longer apply. In short, if … Read more