How Can We Build Natural Networks to Deliver the Deal With Stakeholders? – The Nature of Cities

Quite often city-makers who want to implement nature-based solutions run into many hurdles standing in the way of realizing their green ideals. But how do you tear down those walls? Effective co-creation is a path forward. More than half of the world’s population lives and works in diverse, bustling cities. And perhaps, if you are … Read more

Fossil Evidence Just Added Fuel to The Debate Over The Purpose of Giraffe Necks

In light of the brutal tug-of-war over resources that is natural selection, it’s been taken for granted that the giraffe’s iconic neck evolved to reach leaves other plant-eaters can’t possibly access. What seemed obvious to Charles Darwin has since attracted a great deal of scrutiny, with some biologists proposing those extended vertebrae aren’t for browsing, … Read more

Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize winners announced!

The winners of the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, Australia’s premier biennial natural science art prize, have been announced ahead of the finalists’ exhibition at the South Australian Museum, which opens tomorrow, Saturday 4 June. South Australian artists Kyoko Hashimoto and Guy Keulemans have taken home the Open Category Prize for their work Bioregional Rings … Read more

Evolution May Be Happening Up to 4 Times Faster Than We Thought, Massive Study Finds

New research suggests that Darwinian evolution could be happening up to four times faster than previously thought, based on an analysis of genetic variation. The more genetic differences there are in a species, the faster evolution can happen, as certain traits die off and stronger ones get established. The team behind this latest study calls … Read more

MVRDV’s Valley twists and turns with natural stone and green balconies

When it comes to designing buildings that look like mountains, MVRDV is in a league of its own. That may sound like a spurious claim, but the Rotterdam-based firm regularly injects a jolt of playful geology into its projects. Valley, a mixed-use complex located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, takes this trope to an extreme. … Read more

We Now Know Why Natural Selection May Favor Iridescence in Some Insects

Myriad animals don the brilliant shifting hues of iridescence, making them stunning to marvel at, but why natural selection so widely favored such structural colors has been somewhat of a mystery. Shifting metallic sheens have evolved independently many times across the animal kingdom, from dazzling hummingbirds to skinks shining in rainbow to jewel-like flies. In … Read more

Natural Gas Hydrates Market Size And Forecast

New Jersey, United States – Comprehensive analyzes of the fastest-growing Natural Gas Hydrates Market provide insights that help stakeholders identify opportunities and challenges. The markets of 2022 could be another significant year for Natural Gas Hydrates. This report provides insight into the company’s activities and financial condition (a company profile is required if you wish … Read more

Engineering Smart Skin That Mimics the Sensing Capabilities of Natural Skin

Yuta Dobashi, a graduate of UBC’s master in biomedical engineering program, and faculty advisor Dr. John Madden, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the faculty of applied science at UBC. Credit: Kai Jacobson / UBC Faculty of Applied Science Ionic skins have demonstrated considerable advantages in the effort to create smart skin that matches … Read more

New Catalyst Could Clean Natural Gas Engine Emissions

Palladium oxide catalyst cleans up emissions and enhances water vapor tolerance. A newly developed catalyst with unique, atomic-sized “rafts” does a better job than current technology for cleaning up emissions from natural gas engines. Natural gas-powered technology might become cleaner and more practical for trucks, off-road vehicles, and equipment powertrains as a result of the … Read more