New maps of global geological provinces and tectonic plates

Credit: Dr. Derrick Hasterok, University of Adelaide New models that show how the continents were assembled are providing fresh insights into the history of the Earth and will help provide a better understanding of natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanoes. “We looked at the current knowledge of the configuration of plate boundary zones and the … Read more

Four Things That Aren’t What You Think They Are on Oregon Coast

Four Things That Aren’t What You Think They Are on Oregon Coast Published 05/26/22 at 4:35 AM PST By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff (Oregon Coast) – Geology, believe it or not, can be a wild ride. It may seem dry to many, but on this coastline it contains dramatic, even bizarre truths. (Above: top … Read more

Head-Scratching Finds Between Florence and Yachats, Surreal Oregon Coast Science

Head-Scratching Finds Between Florence and Yachats, Surreal Oregon Coast Science Published 05/30/22 at 3:25 PM PST By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff (Yachats, Oregon) – That 20-mile segment of Oregon coast between Florence and Yachats is filled with one surprise bend in the road after another, as complex little beaches pop up between the rolling … Read more

SU political science professor provides context to new congressional district maps

Central New York voters are probably still trying to figure out what congressional or senate district they now live in after the redrawn maps received final approval. Syracuse University political science professor Grant Reeher says we wouldn’t be in this situation if the independent redistricting commission had done its job and not punted to the … Read more

New Imaging Technique Generates Incredible Subcellular Maps of Entire Brain Networks

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have developed an imaging technique to capture information about the structure and function of brain tissue at the subcellular level – a few billionths of a meter, while also capturing information about the surrounding environment. The unique approach detailed in the journal Nature Communications today (May 25, 2022), overcomes … Read more

1st maps of massive, translucent gas clouds reveal clues about the early universe

For the first time, researchers have mapped elusive gas clouds that are believed to hold clues about galactic evolution and star formation in the early days of the universe. Using the WM Keck Observatory at Mauna Kea in Hawaii, researchers measured the size, mass and density of ancient neutral hydrogen clouds. These massive, translucent gas … Read more

Maps released by Geoscience BC could lead miners to gold south of Prince George

Maps show underground geology in Swift River, Cottonwood, Pinchi Lake, Hixon, Pitoney Lake and Wansa Creek areas It’s not quite an X on a treasure map, but a series of maps released by Geoscience BC this month could lead mineral exploration firms to gold deposits between Prince George and Quesnel. The six sets of three … Read more

Revealing Cosmic “Skeletons” – SOFIA Maps the First Magnetic Fields of a Galactic Bone in Their Entirety

A map shows the direction of magnetic fields in the G47 bone overlain atop an image of the G47 filament as seen by the Herschel Space Observatory. The red and yellow areas are high-density regions of dust and gas. Credit: G47: ESA / Herschel / PACS / SPIRE / Ke Wang et al. 2015; Polarization … Read more