Pumped-hydro storage project takes shape in New Zealand – pv magazine International

Lake Onslow, New Zealand, could become home to one of the world’s largest pumped-hydro storage facilities. A local consortium is now conducting a feasibility study and is investigating possible system designs and precise locations. June 14, 2022 Emiliano Bellini Rōpū Matatau, a consortium led by engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald New Zealand, plans to build a … Read more

Science Magazine Jumps Into The Gun-Control Debate

Consider for a moment the following paragraph: Scientists should not sit on the sidelines and watch others fight this out. More research into the public health impacts of vaccination will provide further evidence of its deadly consequences. Science can show that fewer vaccines make societies healthier. No reputable science journal would publish an article promoting … Read more

Before You Cancel Your Subscription to Science Magazine

Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. Photo: Elise Amendola / Associated Press Where can one turn for science reporting that has not become politicized? It’s a difficult question to answer when examining establishment academic journals. But a few events this week have this column wondering if a resurgence of rigor might just be underway. On Tuesday … Read more

25 unbelievable facts about the solar system revealed in All About Space magazine

Inside All About Space issue 129, on sale now, discover why our cosmic neighborhood may be the strangest place in the cosmos with 25 extraordinary facts about the solar system. Subscribe to All About Space (Image credit: Future) Get All About Space delivered straight to your door or digital device. Subscribe to All About Space … Read more

The secrets of black holes, revealed in All About Space magazine

Inside All About Space issue 128, on sale now, uncover the secrets of black holes; from their formation and anatomy to how global telescopes blazed a trail for black hole imaging and revolutionized astrophysics. For this cover feature, space science writer Giles Sparrow seeks to explore some commonly asked black hole questions such as how … Read more

Bio prof co-authors Science magazine cover story

A DePauw University biology professor is a co-author of the cover story in last week’s issue of Science, a leading publication about scientific discovery. Philips Akinwole, assistant biology professor and a microbial ecologist, was among 278 scientists who gathered 110,019 samples of white clover from 6,169 populations in 160 cities around the world, analyzed them … Read more

Geology and faith – Insights Magazine

Review: The Greywacke, Nick Davidson, Profile Books. The Greywacke tells of a chapter in the grand history of geological discovery in Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Greywacke is a type of sedimentary rock, a jumbled flotsam that had puzzled geologists until Adam Sedgwick and Roderick Murchison, the subjects of the book, painstakingly sorted, … Read more