Steep Mountain Slopes Have Surprisingly Long Lifetimes

Source: Geophysical Research Letters Gravity and rock physics say slopes steeper than about 30 ° —known as the critical threshold angle, or the angle of repose — shouldn’t really exist, yet they do. These steep slopes and near-vertical cliffs can be seen in the Himalayas and in Yosemite National Park, for example. For some geologists, … Read more

Giraffes evolved long necks for multiple reasons

A headbutt is not just a move for Pokemon or legendary soccer players: It’s a clue to the past life of giraffes. A new study published Thursday in the journal Science details an expedition in Northern China where paleontologists uncovered fossils of short-necked giraffes (or girrafoids, the prehistoric version of the modern-day mammals) that liked … Read more

What seniors need to know about long COVID

This article was originally featured on Kaiser Health News. Older adults who have survived covid-19 are more likely than younger patients to have persistent symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, muscle aches, heart palpitations, headaches, joint pain, and difficulty with memory and concentration — problems linked to long covid. But it can be hard to distinguish … Read more

Can’t rely on hydropower in long run, says NDMA in report examining Chamoli disaster

New Delhi: The government may need to pursue alternative sources of energy in the long run instead of relying on hydropower from Uttarakhand, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said in a report investigating the aftermath of the 2021 Chamoli disaster. In February 2021, a devastating flood, caused by a rock and ice avalanche, … Read more

Scientists Discovered The World’s Largest Known Plant, And It’s Over 100 Miles Long

Next time you go diving or snorkeling, have a close look at those wondrously long, bright green ribbons, waving with the ebb and flow of water. They are seagrasses – marine plants which produce flowers, fruit, and seedlings annually, like their land-based relatives. These underwater seagrass meadows grow in two ways: by sexual reproduction, which … Read more

Long COVID linked to brain and mental illnesses

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists from UC San Francisco found biomarkers that may persist for many months in the blood of patients who had long COVID with neuropsychiatric symptoms. The results hold promise for the development of lab tests to gauge long COVID risks. The research is published in the Annals of Neurology and was … Read more

Vaccination could reduce the risk of ‘long COVID’

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis found that vaccinated people who experience a breakthrough case of COVID-19 are at risk for developing long-haul symptoms, though they are better protected against some of the worst ones. Compared to the unvaccinated, people who had COVID shots had a 15% lower risk of … Read more

Why did a malaria vaccine take so long?

This article was originally featured on Undark. When the World Health Organization approved a malaria vaccine for the first time in October 2021, it was widely hailed as a milestone. “This is a historic moment,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a statement that month. The vaccine — dubbed RTS, S — promises a … Read more

Vaccination could reduce long COVID symptoms, shows study

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Graham was a healthy 34-year-old until he developed COVID in July 2020. Along with his wife and children, he had a fever, a cough, breathlessness, profound fatigue and he lost his sense of smell. But instead of getting better like the rest of his family, Graham found that his breathlessness persisted. … Read more

Vaccines only slightly lower risk of long COVID effects

Vaccines against COVID-19, while protective against hospitalization and death, may not be great at preventing long COVID after breakthrough infections, a new study finds. Epidemiologists associated with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs looked at the medical records of 13 million individuals — mostly white male veterans aged 60 on average — including almost 34,000 … Read more