This study shows the key to depression recovery

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a recent study from the University of Toronto, researchers found that feeling sensations, including ones connected to sadness, may be key to depression recovery. They showed that keeping the sensation alive in the face of stress is critical for well-being, particularly for those who have recovered from depression. The physical … Read more

Scientists uncover key factor in human brain development — ScienceDaily

Scientists at the Texas A&M University College of Medicine have made a breakthrough discovery about brain development. This new information contributes to our understanding of how the part of the brain that makes humans more intelligent than other mammals develops, and offers insights into what causes intellectual disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. For years, experts … Read more

Scientists find key to better diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Scientists from UC San Francisco found that a relatively unstudied form of the tau protein linked to neurodegeneration may be a means for better diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The research is published in Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology and was conducted by Lea T. Grinberg et al. Researchers have long … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover begins key search for life on Mars

Perseverance arrived at the base of an ancient river delta on Mars in April.Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech More than fifteen months after landing in Jezero Crater on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover has finally begun its hunt for ancient life in earnest. On 28 May, Perseverance ground a 5-centimeter-wide circular patch into a rock at the … Read more

Shark antibodies may hold the key to stopping COVID-19

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Fossil evidence suggests that sharks first existed 420 million years ago, predating humanity, Mount Everest, and even trees. Over the course of time, sharks and other fish with cartilage skeletons developed what is now believed to be the oldest adaptive immune system in the animal kingdom. Scientists from the University of … Read more

Scientists Have Established a Key Biological Difference Between Psychopaths and Normal People

The research found that the striatum region of the brain was on average ten percent larger in psychopathic individuals compared to a control group of individuals that had low or no psychopathic traits. A new study has shown that psychopathic people have a larger striatum area in their brain Neuroscientists using MRI scans discovered that … Read more

Geology and Seismic Software Market Trend And Forecast| Key Players – Golden Software, gINT, Petrel E&P, OpendTect, SeisEarth – Industrial IT

New Jersey, USA, – The Global “Geology and Seismic Software Market”Report provides insights into the worldwide trade together with valuable facts and figures. This analysis study explores the worldwide market intimately, like industrial chain structures, stuff suppliers and producing. The Geology and Seismic Software sales market examines the big segments of the market GPS Bike … Read more

Robotic Shoulders May Be The Key to Lab-Made Tendon Grafts

Robotic skeletons designed to look and move like real humans are being investigated for growing tendons strong enough to actually transplant. If the proof-of-concept can be perfected with further research, tissue grown on humanoid robots could one day be grafted onto a real person, fixing tears in their tendons. Today, surgeons can try their hands … Read more

Biden’s Pipeline Rules Target Key Link of Carbon Capture Buildout

The Biden administration’s new rulemaking for carbon dioxide pipeline safety, and a nearly $ 4 million fine for a 2020 pipeline rupture, are seen as a step toward carbon capture goals that envision building out thousands of thousands of pipelines, industry watchers said Friday. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s measures arrived on Thursday … Read more