New insights into continental geology

This study is led by Prof. Yong-Fei Zheng at the University of Science and Technology of China. It focuses on the development of tectonic processes along convergent plate margins through inspection of recent advances in the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics and geodynamics. These advances are fundamental to our understanding of various phenomena at active … Read more

Geology and Mine Planning Software Market – Major Technology Giants in Buzz Again – Designer Women

With a focus on Global Geology and Mine Planning Software Market and general market expansion and trends for 2022-2030, by reports on the main elements and current market trends. There is a projected income for Geology and Mine Planning Software in the period 2022-2030 (2022 is used as a starting point and 2030 as … Read more

Blue Holes Show Hurricane Activity in the Bahamas Is at a Centuries-Long Low | Science

Blue holes, like the Great Blue Hole in Belize, have vast caverns that descend into the seafloor. Sediment accumulates at the bottom of a blue hole, giving researchers a way to gauge historical hurricane activity. Ian Bottle The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was the third most active in 171 years of record-keeping. The 2020 season … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Set To Study Geology of 2 Super-Earths

The James Webb Space Telescope, an international program led by NASA with its partners, ESA (European Space Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency, aims to peer beyond our solar system to distant worlds orbiting other stars, as well as investigate the fascinating structures and origins of our universe and our role within it. And now, … Read more

Reshuffled Rivers Bolster the Amazon’s Hyper-Biodiversity

From the window of a passenger plane flying over the Amazon, the view is breathtaking. “It’s just miles across the river and river islands,” said Lukas Musher, a postdoctoral researcher at Drexel University’s Academy of Natural Sciences. The massive rivers below branch into a dense, treelike network that has continuously rearranged itself over hundreds of … Read more

Remember When Life was Found in a Martian Meteorite? Turns out, it was Just Geology

The Alan Hills meteorite is a part of history to Mars aficionados. It came from Mars and meteorite hunters discovered in Antarctica in 1984. Scientists think it’s one of the oldest rock chunks to come from Mars and make it to Earth. The meteorite made headlines in 1996 when a team of researchers said they … Read more

Donald Ramsay, emeritus professor of geology at Dundee University

Donald Ramsay, emeritus professor of geology at the University of Dundee, has died aged 89. In 1959 he began what became a lifelong obsession, spending the next 40 summers conducting research in northern Norway. As few people spoke English in the far north then, he picked up some Norwegian. One summer, on a visit to … Read more

Yellowstone’s history of hydrothermal explosions over the past 14,000 years

Newswise – Boulder, Colo .: While much of public attention on Yellowstone focuses on its potential to produce large supereruptions, the hazards that are much more likely to occur are smaller, violent hydrothermal explosions. Hydrothermal explosions occur when near-boiling water suddenly flashes into steam, releasing large amounts of energy. The energy release fractures the rock … Read more

Airborne survey reveals Yellowstone geothermal fluid pathways

Yellowstone National Park (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Frank Kovalchek) An airborne geophysical survey done by USGS geophysicist Carol Finn Ph.D. has provided valuable insights on the fluid pathways controlling geothermal fluids in the Yellowstone National Park. An article published by Seequent features the results of a geophysical study done by US Geological Survey (USGS) Research … Read more

Get to Know the Geologist Collecting Antarctic Meteorites | Smithsonian Voices

Smithsonian planetary geologist Cari Corrigan travels to the South Pole for meteorites with the US Antarctic Meteorite Program. The specimens she gathers are transported to the National Museum of Natural History, where scientists everywhere can request to study them. ANSMET The journey from space to Earth is not an easy one for most meteorites. But … Read more