Geologists find Adelaide could be rocked by a potential 7.2-magnitude earthquake

Geologists have made the alarming discovery that Adelaide is at risk of being hit by a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2. They say the discovery means that Adelaide could be subject to an earthquake much stronger than the one that rocked Christchurch in 2011. Scientists were uncovering the Willunga fault line – 40km … Read more

Jailed geologist’s 15-year prison term in Iraq is ‘worse than a death sentence’, says…

9 June 2022, 20:40 | Updated: 9 June 2022, 20:42 The son-in-law of 66-year-old Jim Fitton, who has been sentenced to 15 years in an Iraqi prison for ‘stealing’ antiquities, has told LBC his prison term is “worse than a death sentence”. Sam Tasker told LBC’s Tom Swarbrick the jail term was a “slow, agonizing … Read more

Geologists for the first time successfully predict volcanic eruption five months in advance

When the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano off the South Pacific island erupted earlier this year, while the impact was limited on lives, livelihoods were lost and ripples were felt across the world, including in space. The impact could have been reduced had there been a warning beforehand. A team of researchers is on the precipice of developing … Read more

A prehistoric crystal may contain ‘ancient life’ inside and geologists want to open it

A life form from 830 million years ago could be contained in a crystal. To find out for sure, geologists want to split it open. A screenwriter looking for a good story for a horror or adventure film that goes wrong couldn’t have found a better way to start a post-apocalyptic story: an 830 million-year-old … Read more

How geologists accurately forecast a volcanic eruption Popular Science

On June 26, 2018, the earth rumbled under the giant sleeping tortoises on Isabela Island in the Galapagos. Not long afterwards, Sierra Negra, a volcano that towers over the island, began to erupt. Over the next two months, the volcano’s fissures spewed out enough lava to cover an area of ​​roughly 19 square miles. It … Read more

Geologists plan to crack open an 830-million-year-old crystal that might contain ancient life 

Geologists are planning to crack open an 830-million-year-old rock salt crystal, which they believe contains ancient microorganisms that may still be alive. Researchers from the Geological Society of America first announced their discovery of tiny remnants of prokaryotic and algal life inside an ancient halite crystal earlier this month. These organisms were found inside microscopic … Read more

Mysterious doorway found on Mars isn’t an alien’s house, say killjoy geologists

A mysterious doorway on Mars photographed by NASA’s Curiosity rover last week is nothing to get excited about, say a bunch of expert geologists, instantly crushing our dreams of finding proof of alien life. The doorway is not the entrance to a cursed Martian tomb, it’s not the gateway to a dungeon filled with terrifying … Read more

What’s the difference between a pothole and a sinkhole? Here’s what geologists say | Traffic

New Orleans has a long history with potholes and sinkholes. The main difference between the two is that sinkholes start under the surface while potholes start on the surface. Potholes are typically caused by a failure of paving materials and are found in roads and parking lots, according to the US Geological Service. Potholes come … Read more

Geologists Investigate Geological History of Nation’s Capital

UM geological engineering graduate student Kristian Macias uses a ground-penetrating radar unit to collect data near the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC Photo by Thomas Graning / Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services OXFORD, Miss. – No one foresaw the 2011 earthquake that shook Washington, DC, but better maps of the structural geological history of the … Read more

Strickland needs drills and an army of geologists to keep up with thick, high-grade gold out of Millrose

An ever-expanding Strickland is recruiting more geos and all the WA rigs can offer after Millrose results continue to hit thick, high-grade gold. Standout gold results were intersected in hole MRRC087 of 2m at 10.9 g / t from 58m and 25m at 5.1 g / t from 82m. Plus, the hole intersected the very … Read more