June: Ancient coral reefs | News and features

Pre-historic coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth’s equator than today, new research has revealed. The new study, published in Nature Communicationsdemonstrates how changes in temperature and plate tectonics, where the positions of Earth’s continents were in very different positions than today, have determined the distribution … Read more

Scientists Think This Strange Fish-Like Creature May Be One of Our Ancient Ancestors

A mysterious, extinct creature that has puzzled scientists for more than a century may have finally found its place in the tree of life. The small, fish-like animal is named Palaeospondylus gunnifirst discovered in fossils in Scotland in 1890, which lived approximately 390 million years ago during the Middle Devonian. Now, according to a new … Read more

High Resolution Imaging Reveals Puzzling Features Deep in Earth’s Interior

Animation of the Earth’s layers. New research led by the University of Cambridge is the first to obtain a detailed ‘image’ of an unusual pocket of rock at the boundary layer with Earth’s core, some three thousand kilometers beneath the surface. The mysterious area of ​​rock, which is located almost directly beneath the Hawaiian Islands, … Read more

Engineering Features: Salvador Balkus ’22: A data-driven mindset | College of Engineering

Salvador earned his BS in data science from UMass Dartmouth and will further his studies at Harvard University. Salvador Balkus was recently awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, becoming the third recipient in UMass Dartmouth’s history of awardees. The fellowship … Read more

Titan has geological features eerily similar to those on Earth

With methane and ethane raining down on its surface and forming thick clouds in its atmosphere, Titan seems about as far away from an Earthlike body as you can get – or does it? Humans could never survive on Saturn’s moon, Titan. However, if you look closer, there are some things you would recognize. It’s … Read more

Growing their own gardens teaches DD2’s special education students food science and life skills | Features

SUMMERVILLE – On a sun-soaked day in April, the students in Robin Heard’s special education class at Sand Hill Elementary School were outside taking care of their garden. Their classroom overlooks the “Sandpiper Seedlings” beds where the students – mostly fourth and fifth graders – gestured to the different vegetables, listing their favorites. Popular choices … Read more

Tapping birch trees: A sweet mix of science and art | Community Features

A form of magic is performed annually in the basement of a former University of Alaska Fairbanks cafeteria. A team at the OneTree lab in the Lola Tilley building collects and transforms thousands of gallons of tree sap into an elixir of award-winning syrup. To get the sap needed for this potion, a rotating group … Read more

New Mars images shows ‘fingernail’ gouging-like features on surface

Scratches and grooves on the Martian surface look like a huge ‘fingernail’ was gouging out regolith on the Red Planet, but there’s a volcanic origin to these features. Specifically, scientists believe that these faults, dubbed Tantalus Fossae, were created by the Alba Mons volcano, which is located to the west of the terrain visible in … Read more

Scientists find the features of a ‘longevity diet’

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists from the University of Southern California and elsewhere found a clearer picture of what kind of nutrition can offer the best chance for a longer, healthier life. They described the “longevity diet,” a multi-pillar approach based on studies of various aspects of diet, from food composition and calorie intake to … Read more