Bangladesh National Earth Olympiad 2022 Award Ceremony

On Saturday 11 June, Acting British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Javed Patel, hosted a reception to recognize the finalists of the Bangladesh National Earth Olympiad 2022. Of the 35 participants selected for special awards, five will be going to represent Bangladesh at the International Earth Science Olympiad which takes place from 24-30 August. The National … Read more

Scientists make new findings about the life’s origin on Earth and maybe Mars

Credit: NASA. Scientists at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution announced that ribonucleic acid (RNA), an analog of DNA that was likely the first genetic material for life, spontaneously forms on basalt lava glass. Such glass was abundant on Earth 4.35 billion years ago. Similar basalts of this antiquity survive on Mars today. “Communities studying … Read more

Study explores water content in deep earth volcanic magma

Newswise – May 26, 2022 – Magmatic volatile contents, such as water, are abundant in volcanic arc melts and influence magma evolution, dynamics of volcanic eruptions and the formation of ore deposits. Ben Urann, a National Science Foundation (NSF) Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics, was … Read more

ARC Grant funded Researcher A, Earth Sciences job with UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE

(A6) $ 89,610 per annum plus an employer contribution of up to 17% superannuation may apply 3 year fixed term opportunity for an ARC Grant funded Researcher A available immediately. A fantastic opportunity to play a pivotal role in ARC funded collaborative research between the University of Adelaide, NT Geological Survey, Teck Australia Pty Ltd. … Read more

Scientists Discover How the Tilting and Wobbling of the Earth Influenced the Fate of Ancient Ice Sheets

New research findings answer long-standing question over the importance of summertime warmth in melting ice sheets. Researchers have finally answered a long-standing question over the role of Earth’s orbit in driving global ice age cycles. Scientists have been able to decipher the exact role in driving the cycles of global ice ages played by the … Read more

College of Mines and Earth Sciences to merge with College of Science

The University of Utah College of Mines and Earth Sciences will merge with the College of Science beginning July 1, 2022, a move that will unite well-funded programs, build synergy and cooperation between faculty and create a much stronger base for science and mathematics education at the U. Deans Darryl Butt of the College of … Read more

NASA picks 2 companies to build spacesuits for astronauts on the moon and in Earth orbit

NASA has selected two companies to make spacesuits for its Artemis moon program and future International Space Station (ISS) missions. Teams led by Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace (with ILC Dover as a major contributor) received access to a contract worth up to a total of $ 3.5 billion to supply spacesuits for future NASA … Read more

What is low Earth orbit?

In very simple terms, low Earth orbit (LEO) is exactly what it sounds like: An orbit around the Earth with an altitude that lies towards the lower end of the range of possible orbits. This is around 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) or less. The majority of satellites are to be found in LEO, as is … Read more