Preliminary report on the landslide early warning on August 20, 2021, in Nangqian County, Qinghai Province, China

Nangqian is located on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau and stretches over a vast area from the southern Kunlun Mountains to the northern Tanggula Mountains. The county is the southern gate of Qinghai Province and is also a major pastoral region. Within the region, the terrain has high altitudes, deep gaping valleys and continuous tall mountains. … Read more

Early warning system to detect geological disasters installed in Titi Hayun: JMG

YAN: An early warning system (EWS) to detect geological disasters, especially debris flow, has been installed at the Titi Hayun Recreational Forest here to provide advance warning in the event of a water surge phenomenon in the area. Minerals and Geoscience Department Malaysia (JMG) director-general Hisamuddin Termidi said the system has been operational since February … Read more

Tobacco farming and swamps in early 20th century Albuquerque – jfleck at inkstain

For a brief moment, this was Albuquerque’s “Tobacco Farms.” Before that, a swamp. Albuquerque’s nod to its agricultural past, like much of the style we have adopted for ourselves, is in significant measure artifice. This is not to say that it is not in some vague sense rooted in a truth, an actual past. But … Read more

Watch Blue Origin launch 6 space tourists on a New Shepard rocket early Saturday

Blue Origin will launch six more people to the final frontier Saturday morning (June 4), and you can watch the action live. Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle is scheduled to lift off at 9 am EDT (1300 GMT) from the company’s West Texas launch site, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the town of … Read more

Monster black holes may have murdered their host galaxies in the early universe

Further evidence that some monster black holes have killed star formation in their galaxies has come to light in a study that peers back 12.5 billion years into the early universe. Stars form when cold clouds of molecular hydrogen gas collapse, fragment and condense. The process of star formation continues in the Milky Wayas it … Read more

Surgeons Transplanted a Lab-Grown Ear From Patient’s Own Cells in Early Clinical Trial

A US medical team said Thursday they had reconstructed a human ear using the patient’s own tissue to create a 3D bioimplant, a pioneering procedure they hope can be used to treat people with a rare birth defect. The surgery was performed as part of an early-stage clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy … Read more

Early Detection of Arthritis Now Possible Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

A new study finds that utilizing artificial intelligence could allow scientists to detect arthritis earlier. Neural network learns to differentiate between healthy and inflamed bones using finger joints. Researchers have been able to teach artificial intelligence neural networks to distinguish between two different kinds of arthritis and healthy joints. The neural network was able to … Read more

‘Masked’ Cancer Drug Kills Tumors While Sparing Healthy Tissue, Early Results Show

Many cancer treatments are notoriously savage on the body. Drugs often attack both healthy cells and tumor cells, causing a plethora of side effects. Immunotherapies that help the immune system recognize and attack cancer cells are no different. Though they have prolonged the lives of countless patients, they work in only a subset of patients. … Read more

Dying Early Universe Galaxies Could Be Killed by Their Supermassive Black Holes

The Milky Way galaxy isn’t very active, as far as galaxies go. Every year, it produces around three to four Suns’ worth of new stars in the entirety of its spiral body, and stars of all ages can be found sprinkled throughout. But there are some galaxies even quieter – elliptical galaxies, for which most … Read more

Scientists find how to detect kidney injury in very early stages

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists from the University of Nottingham found that certain metals found in people’s urine, could be useful biomarkers for the early detection of acute kidney injury. The research is published in Kidney International Reports and was conducted by David Gardner et al. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a rapid deterioration in … Read more