Preliminary report on the landslide early warning on August 20, 2021, in Nangqian County, Qinghai Province, China

Nangqian is located on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau and stretches over a vast area from the southern Kunlun Mountains to the northern Tanggula Mountains. The county is the southern gate of Qinghai Province and is also a major pastoral region. Within the region, the terrain has high altitudes, deep gaping valleys and continuous tall mountains. … Read more

Lake County News,California – Space News: Geology from 50 light-years — Webb gets ready to study rocky worlds

An illustration showing what exoplanet 55 Cancri e could look like, based on current understanding of the planet. 55 Cancri e is a rocky planet with a diameter almost twice that of Earth orbiting just 0.015 astronomical units from its Sun-like star. Because of its tight orbit, the planet is extremely hot, with dayside temperatures … Read more

Opinion | Virginia’s Cumberland County shouldn’t be the next Flint, Mich.

Placeholder while article actions load Robert “JR” Gurley is president of the Virginia chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation. Chuck Smith is a lawyer and former Marine from North Carolina. Cumberland County, just an hour’s drive west of Richmond, is in a crisis that risks it becoming the next Flint, Mich. State regulators at the … Read more

David Segarnick: It’s Science | The Bucks County Herald

SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 kills over a million in the US, avian influenza H5N1 (aka Bird Flu) is responsible for tens of millions of poultry sacrificed to prevent further agricultural devastation and potential human infection, and now there’s monkeypox. It would be completely understandable for the public to assume that monkeypox may be the next … Read more

Community-Led Science Uncovers High Air Pollution From Fracking in Ohio County

Community-Led Science Uncovers High Air Pollution From Fracking in Ohio County Pinpoint Emissions Sensors Missed by Expensive EPA Instruments Some residents of Belmont County in eastern Ohio have long suffered from headaches, fatigue, nausea and burning sensations in their throats and noses. They suspected these symptoms were the result of air pollution from fracking facilities … Read more

‘Trace’ author Lauret Savoy shares a personal journey through the Southern California landscape – Orange County Register

My book “Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Land” (Counterpoint Press) began as a struggle to come to terms with questions that have lingered since my childhood – about my origins, about my place, about what it means to inhabit this land and to be a citizen of this nation. Early on, the mountains, … Read more

Newly Opened Museum Of Nature, Science To Get $500,000 From County – Town Square Delaware LIVE

Cameron Grundner got a gopher’s eye view of the Dryptosaurus Friday in the newly reopened Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reimagined Museum of Nature and Science, New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer told the crowd that his administration is going to propose a $ 500,000 grant for the … Read more

Briggs’ home run helps Science Hill rally past Sevier County | Sports

SEVIERVILLE – Gavin Briggs couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his birthday than leading Science Hill’s comeback win over Sevier County in Wednesday’s Region 1-4A baseball championship game. Down by two runs entering the seventh inning, Gavin Briggs crushed a solo shot over right field to lift the spirits of his team and … Read more

Ecological restoration school opening at Door County nature preserve

STURGEON BAY – A new, eight-week school at Crossroads at Big Creek will teach ecological restoration of degraded lands to a handful of adults each summer, starting in about a month. The Land Restoration School is an initiative of Crossroads, a 200-acre nature preserve in Sturgeon Bay that “offers education, conducts research and provides outdoor … Read more