Glowing ‘auroral beads’ appear strung across the night sky. Here’s what creates them.

Spacecraft studying Earth’s magnetosphere collectively observed how solar particles reach the upper atmosphere and create glowing auroral beads in the night sky. (Image credit: ESA / ATG medialab) A cohort of telescopes captured a special type of aurora strung across the night sky like a glowing jeweled necklace, helping astronomers better understand the mechanics behind … Read more

‘Stresslaxation’ Is Real—Science Explains It And The Cure

Do you try to relax only to feel more stressed and overwhelmed? You’re not alone. You’re experiencing Stresslaxation. Stresslaxation is a term for relaxation-induced anxiety — and it has been studied for years. According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, approximately 30-50% of people experience feelings of stress when they attempt to do … Read more

This study shows the key to depression recovery

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a recent study from the University of Toronto, researchers found that feeling sensations, including ones connected to sadness, may be key to depression recovery. They showed that keeping the sensation alive in the face of stress is critical for well-being, particularly for those who have recovered from depression. The physical … Read more

New Evidence for Alternate Origins of Alzheimer’s Disease Plaques

Evidence mounts for alternate origins of Alzheimer’s disease plaque, as a new experiment in mice reveals that the buildup of debris-filled plaques is preceded by a breakdown in how brain cells rid themselves of waste. Results could explain why drugs designed to remove amyloid deposits have failed to stop disease. According to the National Institute … Read more

A ‘Hyperscreen’ dominates this new Mercedes-Benz EV

Like many automakers, Mercedes-Benz is currently undergoing a metamorphosis. With increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy rules set to go into effect over the coming years, brands throughout the industry are directing incredible amounts of money and engineering muscle at powertrain electrification and EV platform development. Mercedes’ goals are more ambitious than most, though, with … Read more

Why science needs more research software engineers

Paul Richmond is a research software engineer in the United Kingdom.Credit: Shelley Richmond In March 2012, a group of like-minded software developers gathered at the University of Oxford, UK, for what they called the Collaborations Workshop. They had a common vocation – building code to support scientific research – but different job titles. And they … Read more

This weight loss surgery can cut cancer risk and death

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists from Cleveland Clinic found that among adults with obesity, weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery was linked to a 32% lower risk of developing cancer and a 48% lower risk of cancer-related death. The research is published in JAMA and was conducted by Ali Aminian et al. Approximately 42% of … Read more

Do extraterrestrial auroras occur on other planets?

If you’ve been lucky enough to glimpse the northern lights, it’s an experience you’ll likely never forget. These dancing green, red and purple ribbons of light periodically illuminate the night sky from the Arctic Circle down to mid-northern latitudes as far south as New York and London. Similar lights also occur in the Southern Hemisphere, … Read more

Marine science program returns to Wildwood Crest beach | Local News

WILDWOOD CREST – A marine science program did so well when it was introduced last summer, the borough is doubling the chances to participate. Crest Coastal Comb was presented weekly last year. Starting June 21, it will take place twice a week, from 11 am until 1 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at the Rambler … Read more

Scientists make new findings about the life’s origin on Earth and maybe Mars

Credit: NASA. Scientists at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution announced that ribonucleic acid (RNA), an analog of DNA that was likely the first genetic material for life, spontaneously forms on basalt lava glass. Such glass was abundant on Earth 4.35 billion years ago. Similar basalts of this antiquity survive on Mars today. “Communities studying … Read more