Vinylmagnesium Bromide Solution Market Outlook 2022 Analysis By Leading Keyplayers

New Jersey, USA, –Vinylmagnesium Bromide Solution Market reports study a variety of parameters such as raw materials, costs, and technology, and consumer preferences. It also provides important market credentials such as history, various extensions and trends, trade overview, regional markets, trade and market competitors.Vinylmagnesium Bromide Solution Market Report Based on market share analysis of major … Read more

New tissue-clearing method could speed the study of many disease-related biological processes

Scientists at Scripps Research have unveiled a new tissue-clearing method for rendering large biological samples transparent. The method makes it easier than ever for scientists to visualize and study healthy and disease-related biological processes occurring across multiple organ systems. Described in a paper in Nature Methods on March 28, 2022, and dubbed HYBRiD, the new … Read more

Supreme Court may be asked to weigh in on what the church already knows – biology is real: Richard Doerflinger

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, a federal appeals court judge, greets Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, as she arrives for her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington March 21, 2022. (CNS photo / J. Scott Applewhite, Pool via Reuters) Judging by news coverage and social media, Senate hearings on the confirmation … Read more

GOP lawmakers in Harrisburg push a bill targeting transgender girl athletes

HARRISBURG – A Republican proposal to prevent transgender girls from competing in girls’ school sports passed the Pennsylvania House Education Committee on Tuesday, over Democratic opposition. The 15-9 party-line vote advanced the “Save Women’s Sports Act” bill so it can be considered by the GOP-majority chamber. It would restrict players to male or female teams … Read more

New marking method gives biologists a better way to identify individual animals at night

Yasmine Majchrzak releases a snowshoe hare during field research at night. Majchrzak is part of a team that developed a new marking method to make it easier to identify individual animals in any light conditions. Credit: University of Alberta Biologists and ecologists often need to identify individual animals in the wild to help answer questions … Read more

The NATO response Americans want if Russia uses chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons in Ukraine

President Joe Biden said at a news conference last week that NATO countries would respond “in kind” if Russia attacked Ukraine with chemical weapons. Biden’s comments followed an emergency meeting between the US and its NATO allies with the aim of aligning Western powers against Russia’s attacks. Biden would not commit to whether NATO would … Read more


Join us April 1 for a live conversation with researchers across the life sciences BETHESDA, Md., March 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Reporters are invited to join a live discussion of research announcements at the forefront of the life sciences during a virtual press conference for the Experimental Biology (EB) 2022 meeting. The press … Read more

Study suggests that accelerated aging of an epigenetic clock may increase bowel cancer risk, with implications for developing ways to slow this process — ScienceDaily

Scientists have shown how accelerated biological aging measured by an epigenetic clock may increase the risk of bowel cancer, according to a report published today in eLife. The study provides evidence that biological age might play a causal role in the increased risk of certain diseases, and paves the way for interventions that could slow … Read more

Gain Therapeutics Presents Additional Confirmatory Data on its Gaucher Disease Program at the 2022 Glycolipid and Sphingolipid Biology Gordon Research Conference

Gain Therapeutics, Inc. Study results demonstrate lead compounds increase GCase protein levels, activity and co-localization in the lysosome, and decrease toxic substrate accumulation BETHESDA, Md., March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gain Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: GANX) (“Gain”), a biotechnology company transforming the drug discovery paradigm with structurally targeted allosteric regulators identified with its proprietary computational … Read more

Opinion | Ovaries Are Prone to ‘Exhaustion’ and ‘Fatigue.’ Or Are They?

It would take several years and dozens more papers for ovarian stem cells to be mentioned in some medical textbooks, where they are still described as controversial. (Some of those papers revealed conflicting data, and some scientists remain unconvinced.) At some level, the hostility to the possible existence of ovarian stem cells is not surprising. … Read more